Windswept Farm News
Tyler 3 was the Savannah and Jourdan show. Savannah rode to 3 championships on 3 different horses: her horse Dee-jay to the championship in the Junior Hunters, Flower power in the large Pony, and Hippogriff in the children’s Hunters. Jourdan Krueger was the champion in 3 different divisions. She was the champion on her horse zip in the modified children’s as well as the limit hunter. She was also a champion in the children’s Pony hunter. Kvass found his new niche in the jumper ring. He was quite incredible with Maggie Seipel, winning many blue ribbons. Very proud of them. One of the biggest highlights for us in week 3 was Ryan. Her pony was being difficult but she really rode to the challenge. The effort she gave in week 3 allowed her to be competitive in week 4. She was first, third and fourth on her Pony Trenton, We’re very proud of her. Big things are on the horizon for “The Just Awesome Kid”.In Tyler 4 Savannah continued her unbelievable riding as she rode Dee-jay to the championship in the junior hunters and winning the classic. With championships in all 3 weeks that she showed, she was awarded Jr Hunter circuit champion. Congratulations to Savannah. Tess O’Neill and her pony Flower power were the champion in the large ponies as well as second in her classic. She also rode to pony circuit champion. Congratulations to Tess. Unbelievable job in week 4! And yes there’s one more, little Maggie Seipel. Nora rode her pony in the walk- trot to a championship at her first A rated show. Congratulations to Nora and her Pony

Texas Shootout News

    Windswept farm Would like to congratulate Savannah and her horse Dee Jay for their Championship in the 3’6 JR Hunter. They were having a near perfect trip in the classic but Dee Jay thought it was a better idea to trot through the mud puddle, Wonderful weekend for a great kid on her birthday week.

Please join Windswept farms in congratulate Savannah and her horse DJ for their championship in the younger Jr Hunter At great Southwest Equestrian horse show. What a great job riding Savannah — at Great Southwest Equestrian Center.Windswept farms would like to congratulate Bailey Robinson and Kickapoo ponies for their amazing year with Berry good.

* Zone 7 champion medium Green pony hunter

*USEF 2016 Reserve champion medium Green pony hunter

*Tenth in the USEF 2016 Pony finals in the Ten and under



News from Waco Thanksgiving and Christmas horse Show!!

Bailey Robinson rode Trenton to a championship in the green pony hunter at the Thanksgiving show. Tess O’Neill and her pony Flower Power won one of her o/f classes while never finishing less than 3rd in the Large pony division. (lol, where is Molly?)  During the Christmas show, Bailey rode her pony, A Cool Push Button, to a championship in the green pony hunter. Great start to the new year for Bailey. Lilly Grub and Bailey rode Siddhartha to large pony Reserve championship. Here we come 2017 Pony Finals. The “So Awesome” Ryan rode her pony Trenton to a championship in the children pony hunter. Great job Ryan! We had many other successes! Jordan won her under saddle with her horse Zed. Savannah Hemby on her horse DJ had an amazing derby, Finishing tenth. The future looks so bright and exciting for both of them.






Windswept Farms would like to congratulate Tess O’Neil and Bailey Robinson for their Final Chase/USHJA Zone Reserve Champion.

Bailey Robinson rode A Cool Push Button Zone 7 Finals Reserve Champion Children’s Ponies and Reserve Champion Children’s Pony Hunter. Bailey also rode her Berry Good to Zone 7 Finals Reserve Champion, and Med Green Ponies Reserve Champion. Tess O’Neil did amazing job riding her pony Wally to the Final Chase/USHJA Zone Reserve Champion. We are so proud of both girls for their hard work and dedication.


Windswept Farms would like to congratulate both of our rider this week at the Southwest Showdown horse show.
Bailey Roberson and Berry Good were champion in the green med pony hunters. Lilly Grubbs and her pony Siddhartha were Reserve Champion in the Texas pony championship. Both girls were Amazing!





Windswept farms  would like to congratulate  Bailey Robinson for their over all award at the 2016 USEF pony finals .

 Ten and under finishing 10th in the green med pony !


baily and berry


On July 29 2016 we said goodbye to our beloved horse Maxwell Smart (race name Bred to Break Fast but we sometimes just called him Breakfast) February 1, 1990-July 29, 2016. These beautiful creatures give us so many wonderful gifts, touch our lives in so many ways. It was such a privilege to have him in our family. Go in peace my dear big boy, in the green pastures of heaven.




Windswept farms ponies would like to congratulate their riders Bailey Robinson, Tess O’Neill, Christianna Nichols, Lilly Grubbs, Isabell Munoz. Why? because we are going to the Pony Finals at the Kentucky horse park.



What a amazing show in Tyler we had!

For starters the Munoz girls took over go Tyler 3 with Isabell riding Trenton to medium pony champion as well as winning the classic. Claire rode Trenton to the Champion in the Short stirrup. As we rode into Tyler four we started the week with Hippogriff winning a reserve championship in the 3’6 performance.  Anna rode Zed to a championship in the high adult jumpers also was circuit champion. Christiana rode three ponies this week and was truly amazing! she was champion in the large green ponies with Cherry Brook, and champion in the medium pony hunter with Ronaldo, Won Delight was reserve champion in the large ponies. Tess O’Neill is so close in meeting her goals on her pony Wally, winning classes in the pony hunters both weeks. Our green pony pro rider Bailey Robinson had success in coping with her green ponies Buttons and Clifford and winning some nice ribbons, very well done. Siddhartha and Lilly Grubbs at their first and second show together in the children’s pony was consistently 4th and 5th place and were second in the under saddle, this was all done in a very competitive division. Our first timers Ryan and Jourdan were so poised and did great! winning ribbon’s in the novice and limit hunter, short stirrup. The future looks bright for both of them. Well we have one more pony could it be Lilly? Isabell did unbelievable job with Lilly in the Child pony they look like champs to come very soon.tyler gp



Texas Shoot Out Horse Show News

Trenton and Isabelle were reserve champion in the med ponies.   Bailey rode to the champion in the short stirrup at Buttons first show. Wally and Tess garnered great ribbons in a very competitive med ponies’ division. Ace and Eric demonstrating their versatility competing successfully in the amateur hunter and adult jumper two of the toughest divisions at the horse show. Maggie Seipel and Trinity were 2nd out of 38 meter jumpers. Zed and Anna were 2nd and 5th high adults and 6th in the meter 15 high adult classic.  And rounding the up show with 1st place to Eleanor Seipel in lead line. Great job all around by all our riders.


texas shoot gr
































Windswept farms would like to Congratulate our Rider and horses for their Pin oak and Spring horse show in Katy tx success.

annazed WALLEY








Congratulations to Berry Good and Bailey.WK 1 Res Champion and  ChampionFor Wk 2 in the Green Pony!

Great end to a super  show! Zed earned a 2nd place in our m 1.15 high adults debut.

Walley and Tess earn Res champion in the child pony wk 1 , and move up to Med ponies 2nd week.

Windswept farms would like to Congratulate our Rider and horses for their Gulf port success.


Ace and Eric- Place well in his very competitive AO division and placing 6th in the national Derby

Good Berry and Bailey reserve champion in med green pony

Sammie and Megan- Reserve champion and 2nd pony classic wk 1 and her win in the pony classic wk 2

Brooke and Christiana Champion wk 1 and reserve champion wk 2 in the Large green pony








A great week for Christianna she was Champ in the children Jumper with Tina and rode her pony Brook to large green pony champion.







Congratlations to Lily Hagge and Ronaldo for their 2015 USEF zone medium green pony reserve champion and 7th in the country.




romeo rschap


Congratulations to Makenzie Cowan and Home Aroan for their 2015 USEF zone children’s medium pony reserve champion.





pfzimmyCongratulations to Isabelle Munoz and Maranatha Pizzazz! While competing against 120 other small ponies they were 9th over the fences and 10th overall. She also finished 4th in the Welsh pony section and 7th overall in the ten and under.







Congratulations to Bailey Robinson and Berry Good for their champion in the green pony at Thanksgiving horse show and Makenzie Cowan  and Home Aroan res chapion in the green pony,






Hippogriff was Champion in the 3.6 Performance both week at the Thanksgiving and Christmas show and was 5th in the national derby.